Coaching a healthy active childhood

Being healthy is very important for your child, but do you know what or how much of activities and coaching are required to maintain the health standards prescribed by WHO and CDC?

We worked with several health experts to arrive at 4 factors-turned-goals that will help determine the effectiveness of our AI personal assistant and on-demand health services - Active Time, Health Points, Sleep Quality and Mindful Minutes.


Active Time

Its imperative to move more and sit less, when it comes to your child's health. The app adds in more Active Time for every activity that the child engages in and based on the past data Nucarbn Assist can help you in curating new Parenting Actions in adopting small and healthier changes in their lifestyle.

Health Points

According to WHO and CDC, the child should engage in ample amount of moderately intense activities and intense activities that gets their heart pumping harder and lungs breathing heavier. Every health point is accounted based on the intensity of the activity performed in correlation with their heart beat and breathing pattern.

Sleep Quality

Sleep is one of the most important factor for a child's growth, both mentally and physically. But its even more important to understand the quality of the sleep, whether the child is intermittently awake or not falling in deep sleep might be correlated with some external factors like screen time, diet or inadequate activities.

Mindful Minutes

A deep sleep, high intensity activity and even proper diet has shown to improve overall mental well-being of a child. Quantifying mental well-being is as important as quantifying activity for a child. Mindful minutes are times when the child had less stressful environment.

Proactive reminders and notifications

Based on your child's health and activity history receive customized coaching with the help of Nucarbn Assist.



Health Expert

As part of our Nucarbn Care+ program we assign dedicated health experts who can help you understand the existing activities, habits, diets etc of your child and curate Parenting Actions along with the help of an Health Expert.

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