Tips to ensure child's safety

22 Apr 2019

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In today’s world, we witness a rising trend in child kidnapping and it is highly disturbing. Hence it becomes extremely important that a child must learn to keep itself safe. Parents must prepare their children for it. There are a number of things that parents these days can do to ensure the same.

Teach them to say no to Mobile phones:

We usually teach our children not to accept toffees or gifts from strangers. In today’s digital era, make sure you add one more item to your list. Children of all age groups including those less than an year old these days are tempted to use mobile phones. They are crazy about the same that they tend to go with anyone who lets them use mobile phones.

Familiarize your kid with routes:

Make sure to take your kid out and show them the route to home. Let them know the bus route numbers to your house. Also, let them know certain landmarks near your house.

Memorise certain important details:

Make sure you let your child memorise parent’s full name, mobile numbers, home address, state, city etc. Yes, it is definitely possible for a child to memorise these details. Experts say that almost 70%-80% of brain development happens in the first 5 years of one’s life.

What should a kid do when he/she gets lost:

Many at times you see children crying in public places when they get lost. Instead ask them to go to a security guard who is in a uniform and ask for help. Also, in places like malls you see a security desk. Make sure you familiarize your child with the security desks of the malls that you frequently visit. Also, there is a risk of some perverts trying to take the lost child to a secluded place. Teach children not to go with anyone to any secluded place and to stay with the crowd. Or the child can even shout aloud that he is lost and can’t find his/her parents. People will definitely help.

Use a code word:

This is a trick that is widely used. There should be a code word that only the child and parents know. If any stranger approaches the child and says that his/her parents have asked him to pick up the child and drop at home, make sure you teach the child to ask him for the code word. If the stranger does not say the correct word then not to go with the stranger and to immediately go back to the teacher or alert the elders nearby.

Good touch & Bad touch:

Make sure you teach your children both good touch and bad touch. Also, don’t force your child to express physical don’t force your child to hug or kiss a relative or your friend. This is to not confuse the child about a bad touch. Also, teach a kid to vigorously move both hands and legs so that it becomes difficult for the kidnapper to hold the kid.

Let’s use these techniques to educate our children to keep themselves safe and make this world a much safer place for them.

Safety Parenting

Jacky Chan

Jacky Chan

Outreach Head

Jack is our outreach head and has previous experience with and he himself is a parent.

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