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08 Apr 2019

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Over the years technology has had a huge impact on every aspect of our lives and parenting is no exception to that. We keep reading about how children these days get addicted to smartphones and similar gadgets and how it is necessary to limit their exposure to technology. This certainly is true, but there is no denying the fact that technology has helped the parents in more ways than one. Let’s have a look at the different ways in which technology has helped new parents.

The first and foremost is the access to information. Parents usually tend to have a lot of questions. Right from breastfeeding concerns to thumb-sucking, experiences of different parents to the various issues that their little ones faced and how they overcame them - all these answers are now readily available at our fingertips.

Few of the many ways in which technology has helped us are given below

  • Social Media : Technology has provided us the means to connect with parents all over the world. From a lot of online forums where parents discuss their concerns openly, there are even support groups that help new mothers with their postpartum depression.

  • DIY videos: There are YouTube channels specifically meant for craft ideas for children. Parents can watch them and help their children with new crafts thus helping parents design meaningful activities and science projects for children.

  • Child centric media: We also have a lot of websites and apps that send you regular updates on your child’s developmental milestones that help you understand various stages of development.

  • Gadgets: The market is flooded with gadgets that is of immense help for the parents. From GPS trackers to smart watches, there are a lot of wearables that help parents keep track of their children. One example which parents of little kids can easily relate to is the problem of measuring the body temperature when the kid is sick. Kids get super cranky when they are sick and it is easier to climb the Mount Everest than measure their body temperature. For the past few years with the introduction of head and ear thermometer this issue has been resolved to a large extent.

With Nucarbn wearable, we are going one step further. Nucarbn wearable is your one stop solution. It can measure all the health parameters of your kid like temperature, heart rate etc, can be used as a tracking device and so on. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the next level of technology evolution.

Technology Parenting

Jill Smith

Jill Smith

Chief Editor

Jill is an avid fruit grower based in the south of France.

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