Secrets to a great parent-child relationship

02 Apr 2019

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Everyone dreams of raising a healthy, happy and a well behaved child. What does it take to be a great parent? Well the secret to being a great parent is in developing a close connection with your child right from the time when she is born. Be a friend to your child with whom she feels comfortable in sharing all her problems with. Let her know that she can trust you to be there no matter what.

Like any relationship, a good parent child relationship takes time and effort. By spending time with your children, not only do you create precious memories, but also create a stronger bond.It’s both quantity and quality that matters. Keep in mind that there is no quality without quantity. Make sure you are there both physically and mentally. That is one of the sureshot, though not always the easiest, way to build a positive relationship with your child. Children love spending time with you. They want you to read to them, to tell them a story and play all sorts of games with them. From the time when the baby is a few months old, it naturally starts clinging onto its parents developing a bond. The secret is in maintaining the same bond by being there for them and so when the baby turns older the connection is much stronger.

Communication is key. Your child must be able to communicate everything with you and he or she must know that you are listening. You might have more important errands to run when she talks about her day in the pre school but if you give her the assurance that you are listening, soon this will turn into a habit and she is more likely to share things with you during her teens.

Now, when you are very busy with your daily routine, how’d you make sure you spend ample amount of time with your child? Well, here is a tip. Madame Montessori said that children imitate their parents and therefore are highly motivated to work. Making them be a part of the household chores and doing things together like baking, cleaning, cooking etc are both bonding activities and a lot of fun and you will end up with countless memories to cherish.

So communicate as much as possible with your child and make sure to create a strong bond. You will definitely end up developing a great parent-child relationship.

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Jill Smith

Jill Smith

Chief Editor

Jill is an avid fruit grower based in the south of France.

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